Replacing plastic with

bio-based solutions

Committed to eco-friendly quality products



Made from renewable resources

Closed loop economy

Closed loop circular economy

Maximizing values and recovering them at the end of each material's service life


Biodegradable & compostable

Providing a wide range of biodegradable & compostable packaging for various needs



Customizable eco-friendly packaging to suit your preferences

Engineered Eco-Products

Many products marketed as ‘eco-friendly’ may not necessarily be beneficial to the environment. The notion of ‘greenwashing’ has been the common denominator done by many ‘green’ companies worldwide to maximize profit without the sincere integrity and passion in striving for a cleaner and greener world. Here at Avani, we believe that there is no grey area! We are fully committed to delivering the most economical and best in class eco-friendly products with ZERO tolerance towards using petroleum-based plastic to save our planet from this ongoing massive plastic epidemic.

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