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Saving the world for future generations

We cannot save the world just by recycling and using paper bags. We need to use eco-friendly packaging and plastics that will not harm the environment and marine life.

It is important to use eco-friendly packaging to limit the negative impact we have on our environment. Many people don’t think twice when they throw away a plastic bottle or container, but these items can easily take up to 400 years to decompose in landfills. When you cut down a tree, it takes 10-20 years for it to grow back, but when you cut down an entire forest for lumber or clear space for agriculture, it can take 100 years or more for it all to grow back. And some of these lands are retreating as glaciers melt due to climate change. This is why we constantly develop and use new technologies that uses eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources.

One plastic bag at a time

Avani History

Avani was established in the year of 2014 spearheaded by individuals who strive to be difference makers utilizing technology as a solution to combat the global epidemic of plastic pollution. Avani provides a game-changing compostable bioplastic made from cassava starch as well as a full range of sustainable food packaging and hospitality products made from renewable resources.

Through years of research and development before its launch, Avani have came up with groundbreaking technology that enables them to replace the otherwise disposable plastic products which take hundreds and even thousands of years to be decomposed by Mother nature by using renewable resources made from plants. Parallel to that, as a social impact enterprise, we are committed to exercise good corporate governance through our business practices as well as adopting the Triple Bottom Line approach in assuring the sustainability of our business.

Committed to Eco-friendly Quality Products

We equip customers with a full range of eco-friendly packaging needs all around the world.



Made from renewable resources

Closed loop economy

Closed loop circular economy

Maximizing values and recovering them at the end of each material's service life


Biodegradable & compostable

Providing a wide range of biodegradable & compostable packaging for various needs



Customizable eco-friendly packaging to suit your preferences