Consider how much trash you throw in the trash cans on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. 

When you examine your own waste production, you will see something quite concerning. 

Bin liners with cardboard and plastic bottle

Yet the trash bags themselves have proven to be a source of anxiety. For more than three-four decades, we’ve been using non-biodegradable, black plastic bags that prevent the contents from decomposing.

We suggest composting your wet waste to prevent the need for bin liners wherever it is feasible to do so; however, we recognize that every household is different and that this may not be an option for some people. 

If you are unable to compost your wet waste, bin liners will still be required. Composting your moist waste, however, is something that we highly suggest doing whenever it is at all possible to do so. 

Since the market for disposable bin liners is developing at such a rapid pace, it might be difficult to know what to look for when shopping for new products in this category.

Because of the research that we have conducted and the conversations that we have had with other industry professionals, we have arrived at the conclusion that our bin liners are the most environmentally friendly solution. 

This is the conclusion that we have come to as a result of our efforts. We are looking into this as a matter of course right now, but you can rest assured that we are doing all in our power to provide our consumers with the greatest number of options that are kind to the environment as we get more information.

Our bin liners are available in 8 sizes (7L, 10L, 25L, 30L, 70L, 80L, 140L, 240L)

Does Size Matter? How To Choose The Right Size Bin Liner

There are three crucial units of measurement :

  1. Width of the open top of the trash can liner.

Open Width refers to the maximum width that the bin liner can be opened to. (Only relevant if your waste container liner has built-in expandable sides.)

  1. The distance from one end to another, or length.
  2. What size bag will fit in your bin may be determined by these three dimensions.

Using these three dimensions, you can determine the correct size bag for your trash can.

What size bin liner do I need for my round bin?

  1. To determine how big your trash can is, count its diameter. If you measure around the rim of a circle, you’ll have the circumference.
  2. If you take the circumference and cut it in half, you get the diameter. The resulting ‘Open Width’ measurement may be used to create your bin liner dimension.

The top-to-bottom length of the bin liner should also be taken into account. To determine the length of the bin liner you will need, just add the height of your bin plus around 177mm. 

Your bin liner will have some overhang, and the additional length will provide you room to secure the liner.

A square or rectangular bin’s liner size may be determined by adding up the lengths of its sides and dividing that total by 2.

  1. Figure out the circumference by adding together the lengths of all the sides.
  2. To find out how much space you have in your container, just half the circumference. Using this calculation, you may determine the “Open Width” of the trash can liner you need.
  3. Remember your bin’s height and add 177mm to achieve the necessary length.

What are you waiting for now that you know our bin liners are the finest solution for the planet?

Now is the time to do the math and be ready to make some adjustments to your home’s environment.

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