Cutlery is very varied and differs according to people, nation, culture, or sometimes even religion. 

The most used, however, are the spoon, fork, and knife. Below is a list of the most popular cutlery:

But now we will talk about some of them, which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable or disposable, and made of wood or recyclable materials. 

avani biodegradable cutlery on blue background

They are of different types and sizes, ideal for serving your products hygienically and healthily. Now, you may be thinking, why would you choose our cutlery and not the rest of the cutlery?

Well, take plastic cutlery, for example, you already know how long it will take for that cutlery to degrade, and you already know how much damage it can do to our earth. So why not use biodegradable cutlery instead? Plastic is harmful to the planet as well as to the user. For example, in men, studies show that plastic can harm testosterone, and women show estrogen disorders. 

Why then, now that we know that it damages both human health and the environment, shouldn’t we do something about it? That’s where the solution lies. Our tackles would be the best choice you could make.

I know you want to live a healthier life, and so do your children and those who follow them. I know you want future generations to have a healthier environment than the one we live in now.  Think carefully before using anything that contains plastic, not just cutlery, anything plastic!  Think about the animals that die every year because of plastic, think about marine life, think about our planet, think about all that is happening around us because of plastic, and also think that you can now be part of the change that we and those who sell our similar products, those who buy them. 

I know how hard change is for you, or I know how hard it was to do it the first time and stay the course you did, all of us here are in the same situation. We understand your pain and all we want is to stand with people who want to make a change on earth and our beloved earth. You can be part of the change for the better yourself, and YOUR next generation n can be part of the healthiest generation of the last hundred years. Your next generation will reap the fruits that we are now working so hard for.

It is very hard to do that, of course, and it is also very hard for you to be part of the change, probably some of you may have financial problems, but despite that, you still want to change for the better what surrounds us and that makes my heart grow.

Why shouldn’t our children, and future children, thank us in the future for the sacrifices we make now? Because we make sacrifices, but it is not enough, we have another important mission for you. Our mission for you, our readers, and those who buy our products are for you to spread the word. 

To spread the word about the information you have about environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, the information you have about protecting the environment, what is happening to souls and soils in the world because of plastic, and so on.

So, from now on, you have a responsibility on your shoulders to bring about change.

We have high expectations of people, because we know that all people are capable of compassion for what they love, especially what they so desperately need (our planet), and we know that if they would learn and become aware of all that is plastic, and all the other materials that are extremely harmful to the earth and animals, it would change for the better.

Now, with a mission, and of course, trying our tacks, I want you to carry the word forward about us, what we are trying to do here, and all the other green companies trying to change the world!

So come on, I’m counting on you, I know you can!