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Avani: Pioneering Sustainability at COP28

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, companies like Avani Eco Middle East are leading the way in revolutionizing packaging solutions. Avani Eco Middle East stands out as a beacon of innovation, producing eco-friendly packaging made from renewable resources such as cassava, corn, and sugarcane. Their commitment to delivering

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Bin liners

Bin liners. Have you given it a thought?

Consider how much trash you throw in the trash cans on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.  When you examine your own waste production, you will see something quite concerning.  Yet the trash bags themselves have proven to be a source of anxiety. For more than three-four decades, we’ve been

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avani biodegradable cutlery

Cutlery, cutlery, cutlery. One spoon at a time!

Cutlery is very varied and differs according to people, nation, culture, or sometimes even religion.  The most used, however, are the spoon, fork, and knife. Below is a list of the most popular cutlery: spoon fork chopsticks knife scraper But now we will talk about some of them, which are

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